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Savvy early-stage startuppers of every stripe have their sights set on attending TechCrunch Disrupt Berlin 2019 on 11-12 December. Why? This showcase event draws the most innovative startups, technologists, founders and investors across Europe and beyond. Registration doesn’t open until June,

Flexible housing startup Anyplace raises $2.5M

Anyplace, a startup offering furnished rooms and apartments to anyone who’s not interested in signing a long-term lease, is announcing that it has raised $2.5 million in seed funding.

Amazon says over 10 million items are now available for one-day shipping

Amazon on its latest earnings call announced it was working towards making one-day shipping the new standard for Prime members. This morning, the retailer touted a milestone related to those efforts with news that now over 10 million items are now available for one-day shipping to Prime members.

Live from WWDC 2019

Greetings from sunny San Jose. Apple’s annual World Wide Developers Conference officially kicks off this morning at the McEnery Convention Center with a big keynote. While the rest of the week is focused on developers, today’s show is all about what’s the come from the company,

Lenovo Smart Clock review

Before it got into the smart screen market with the Nest (nee Home) Hub, Google opted to let its hardware partners do the heavy lifting. Last year at CES, it announced a trio of devices from JBL, LG and Lenovo . All three were built around the same smart home user experience, but Lenovo was […]

A look at the many ways China suppresses online discourse about the Tiananmen Square protests

Every year before the anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Massacre on June 4, the Chinese government begins to exert even more control over what information people can access online. This year is the 30th anniversary of the day the protests ended when the government sent troops to fire on students,

Twitter bags deep learning talent behind London startup, Fabula AI

Twitter has just announced it has picked up London-based Fabula AI.

Fluree grabs $4.7M seed round to build blockchain-based database

Fluree, a North Carolina startup that wants to bring the immutability of blockchain to the database, announced a $4.7 million seed round today led by ?4490 Ventures? with participation from Revolution’s Rise of the Rest Seed Fund?. As CEO and co-founder Brian Platz explains,

Beautystack raises £4M seed to help beauty professionals become financially independent

Beautystack, the London startup that’s creating a beauty professional booking app with heavy focus on social, has quietly picked up £4 million in seed funding led by Index Ventures.

Semiconductor startup CNEX Labs alleged Huawei’s deputy chairman conspired to steal its intellectual

A San Jose-based semiconductor startup being sued by Huawei for stealing trade secrets has hit back in court documents, accusing the Chinese firm’s deputy chairman of conspiring to steal its intellectual property, reports the Wall Street Journal. In court filings, CNEX Labs,

Revolut launches Group Vaults as an alternative to joint accounts

Fintech startup Revolut is making vaults collaborative. You can now create a vault with someone else and use it like a normal vault. Originally, vaults were an alternative to savings accounts without any interest rate.


智能手機上的癌癥APP目的在于防治癌癥,或者是幫助人們控制癌癥。這有可能改善人們的健康,但研究人員表示,這些A […]

OpenCascade Primitives BRep - Sphere - opencascade

Abstract. BRep is short for Boundary Representation. Boundary Representation gives a complete description of an object by associating topological and ...


彭麗媛用Nubia Z5手機拍照   眼下最紅的國產手機品牌,莫過于中興旗下的nubia(中文名為“努比亞”)。

你一眨眼 蘋果又賺了1997美元

我們都知道,像蘋果和谷歌這樣的大型科技公司手握巨額現金。但你知道這些公司每天賺多少錢嗎?每秒鐘又進賬多少呢?  日前,worldpayzinc 網站以形象的視覺方式為我們提供了答案。圖中列舉了 12 家科技公司在 ... ...



Moto 360 正式發布 今日開賣售價249美元



至少從廣告收入來看,Facebook 已經是一個移動互聯網公司。

Jimmy Fallon and Jack Black recreated the 'More Than Words' video, shot for shot

Do you remember the masterpiece that was Extreme's "More Than Words" music video? Of course you do. You've watched it every day since it was released in 1990So Jimmy Fallon and Jack Black decided to recreate the pop culture staple, shot-for-shot,

名媛金·卡戴珊孕期藥宣傳貼被FDA撤下 因淡化副作用



USB-C 端口開始出現在平板電腦、筆記本甚至手機上,除了允許用戶正反插之外,還提供更快的傳輸速度(最高 10Gbps)以及更強悍的電力傳輸(最高 100W)?! ∷孀?USB-C 端口的流行,配件廠商也不得不跟進。

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