香港六合彩开奘奖号码:Stephen Colbert breaks down WTF happened at the White House on Wednesday

What a morning.On Wednesday, all eyes were on the White House, when House Speaker Nancy Pelosi accused Donald Trump of throwing a "temper tantrum" and leaving a meeting with Democrats meant to discuss potential infrastructure legislation.Then,

Google AR search now pulls animals off the screen and into your room

Is that a panda in your living room?Yes, yes it is. Google mobile search for different animals on smartphones now brings up the option to view them as augmented reality images that you can place into your surroundings, whether that's your backyard, on the couch next to your brother watching TV,

IKEA lets you decorate your living room like 'Friends,' 'Simpsons' sets

Get an Ektorp armchair, Lack side table, Aina throw pillow, and Solvinden string lights and you're set for your Stranger Things living room design. Throw in some alphabet paint on the wallpaper and you're basically in Hawkins, Indiana.

Taylor Swift just took a powerful stand in the fight for LGBTQ equality

The Equality Act has a potent patron.?On Saturday, Taylor Swift posted an image of a letter to her 118 million follower Instagram account asking a veteran Tennessee lawmaker, Republican Senator Lamar Alexander, to help pass the Equality Act. The bill,

Lyft drivers in electric cars can charge up for free

To encourage ride-sharing drivers to offer "green" rides, Lyft is offering its drivers in Portland, Oregon free electric vehicle charging.Starting in July, drivers who use plug-in hybrid or all-electric vehicles on the Lyft platform can use Portland General Electric charging stations — at no cost.

Crisis counselors were on set for 'When They See Us' cast and crew

The actors and everyone on set filming the recently released Netflix miniseries, When They See Us, had access to crisis counseling to help with the heavy, based-on-real-life material portrayed on screen.?Ava DuVernay's four-part series, released Friday,

'Pokémon Go' will no longer be supported on Apple Watch

Get your wrist-mounted adventures in while you can, Trainers: Niantic is pulling the plug on Pokémon Go for Apple Watch.The game's developer noted in a support article that players will no longer be able to connect their Apple Watch to the app as of July 1, 2019 (h/t 9to5Mac).

Martian clouds sail above NASA's Curiosity rover

While traversing across rocky plains in the shadow of Mount Sharp, the Mars Curiosity rover captured wispy clouds hovering in the sky.The car-sized robot — which landed on Mars in 2012 — captured these lofty clouds on May 17, 2019, which translates to the 2410th sol, or Martian day, of its mission.

A dating app for literal monsters exposes the bias in our swipes

Sure, online dating is a hellscape. But in this new online dating game, that's a good thing.Developer Ben Berman and designer Miguel Perez created a game that seeks to expose the inherent bias that fuels dating app matching algorithms. The pair are winners of Mozilla’s Creative Media Awards,

How does Warby Parker work, exactly? A step-by-step guide.

If you're a glasses-wearer, you've probably heard of affordable designer eyewear company Warby Parker. If you haven't tried out their glasses yet and are still picking from the small selection at your optometrist's office,

Making gourmet Doritos is this pastry chef's greatest challenge yet

The stakes are high for Claire Saffitz, the pastry chef helming the show Gourmet Makes on Bon Appétit, but her standards "have lowered."?After attempting to recreate various confounding junk food treats,

LG G2 Mini priced, due to land in the summer?

We may have to wait a little while for the G2 Mini to arrive, but the European prices announced thus far seem on the steep side, anyway.Read more: //

小米換魅族8分鐘超500萬 創微博支付銷售額新高

由魅族在新浪微博發起的#要退燒換魅族#活動,小米、三星指定型號折價500元換購魅族MX3 64G,今日10:00開放購買。





【上海招聘】6e digital六弈互動找客戶主任、客戶經理、文案、設計師、實習生等

我們是誰 / who are we?



一日飛 500 次 !順豐於中國試推無人機速遞

上星期我們曾報導過美國聯邦航空管理局已經向 Amazon 發出許可證,並批準他 們測試 Prime Air 送貨無人機。

順應民意!絕大部份 Galaxy S6 預載 App 將可徹底刪除或關閉

Galaxy S5 的失敗令 Samsung 意識到用家體驗的重要性,而即將推出的 Galaxy S6 亦將會修正一系列 Galaxy S 系列存在已久的問題,例如除採用了全新的機身設計外,預載應用程式方面亦將會有所改動。

Color-Changing Map Shows the Best Attractions Based on the Weather

You can plan ahead all you want, but a vacation is often at the mercy of the weather wherever you’re traveling to. And that inspired designer Camilla Hempleman to create a special map, printed with thermochromatic ink,

Facebook 開源安卓版 React Native,開發者可將相同代碼用于網頁和 iOS 應用開發

Facebook 創建了 React JavaScript 庫 ,這樣,Facebook 的工程團隊就可以用相同的代碼給 iOS、安卓和網頁開發界面了。

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