香港六合彩免费财料:Stephen Colbert breaks down WTF happened at the White House on Wednesday

What a morning.On Wednesday, all eyes were on the White House, when House Speaker Nancy Pelosi accused Donald Trump of throwing a "temper tantrum" and leaving a meeting with Democrats meant to discuss potential infrastructure legislation.Then,

IKEA lets you decorate your living room like 'Friends,' 'Simpsons' sets

Get an Ektorp armchair, Lack side table, Aina throw pillow, and Solvinden string lights and you're set for your Stranger Things living room design. Throw in some alphabet paint on the wallpaper and you're basically in Hawkins, Indiana.

Taylor Swift just took a powerful stand in the fight for LGBTQ equality

The Equality Act has a potent patron.?On Saturday, Taylor Swift posted an image of a letter to her 118 million follower Instagram account asking a veteran Tennessee lawmaker, Republican Senator Lamar Alexander, to help pass the Equality Act. The bill,

Lyft drivers in electric cars can charge up for free

To encourage ride-sharing drivers to offer "green" rides, Lyft is offering its drivers in Portland, Oregon free electric vehicle charging.Starting in July, drivers who use plug-in hybrid or all-electric vehicles on the Lyft platform can use Portland General Electric charging stations — at no cost.

Crisis counselors were on set for 'When They See Us' cast and crew

The actors and everyone on set filming the recently released Netflix miniseries, When They See Us, had access to crisis counseling to help with the heavy, based-on-real-life material portrayed on screen.?Ava DuVernay's four-part series, released Friday,

'Pokémon Go' will no longer be supported on Apple Watch

Get your wrist-mounted adventures in while you can, Trainers: Niantic is pulling the plug on Pokémon Go for Apple Watch.The game's developer noted in a support article that players will no longer be able to connect their Apple Watch to the app as of July 1, 2019 (h/t 9to5Mac).

Martian clouds sail above NASA's Curiosity rover

While traversing across rocky plains in the shadow of Mount Sharp, the Mars Curiosity rover captured wispy clouds hovering in the sky.The car-sized robot — which landed on Mars in 2012 — captured these lofty clouds on May 17, 2019, which translates to the 2410th sol, or Martian day, of its mission.

Elton John issues a defiant statement after 'Rocketman' is censored in Russia

The Russian release of Rocketman is missing a number of scenes, including those that depict drug use and gay relations between two men. Elton John, the subject of the critically hailed new biopic, is not pleased.

Millie Bobby Brown is pretty much a human iPod in Jimmy Fallon's 'Beat Battle'

Millie Bobby Brown, who you might know as a good rapper, is pretty good at pulling random song lyrics out of her head too.The Stranger Things star dropped into The Tonight Show on Wednesday, where she sung alongside Jimmy Fallon in a segment called "Beat Battle."You shouldn't be so surprised,

Playdate is one very adorable handheld gaming system

The publishers of indie favourite Firewatch have unveiled quite the surprise: a handheld gaming system.Playdate is an adorable, pocket-sized unit from app developer Panic, who said they worked on the project over the last four years "just for fun.

Women actually have a point when complaining about cold offices, study says

Women are more productive when they're warm, a study concludes, confirming the complaints of chilly female employees everywhere.?While women's gripes about frigid workspaces have long been dismissed as a sign of oversensitivity, a study published in PLOS ONE argues differently.


一家來自美國紐約的新公司近日向人們展示了他們的新產品?ShareRoller,它能夠將普通自行車變成一輛電動車!  或許我們會更鐘情自行車,但總有懶得不想踩踏板的時候,而?ShareRoller?就提供了兩全其美的方案。

HBO's 'Silicon Valley' Is a Nerdy 'Entourage' Nailing Tech Culture

"God, I hate Palo Alto," an exotic dancer exclaims inside a house full of awkward tech nerds during an episode of HBO's Silicon Valley, which debuts Sunday at 10 p.m. ET — an ideal time slot after the Game of Thrones season four premiere.

月資金凈流出超2750億美元 科技股前途堪憂


DIY RazorEngine 的程序集生成方式 - LibraJM

最近遇到一個項目,要使用RazorEngine做模板引擎,然后完成簡易的CMS功能,以減輕重復的CDRU操作,同時復用管理后臺。沒錯,使用的正是GIT HUB上的開源項目:。

福布斯:王健林151億美元成大陸首富 馬化騰第二





休斯頓男子約翰·亨利·斯基勒恩(John Henry Skillern)在上周由于其所發送的電子郵件中包含兒童色情內容而被警方逮捕。

transformjs:讓天下沒有難做的生意!不對,是特效! - 【當耐特】


美一女子追蹤被搶iPhone 6到星巴克 卻被工作人員要求離開

日前,美國女性Jana Erwin在自己家門口遭遇了搶劫。據她本人介紹,事發當日,一位男孩敲了她的門并告訴她,他需要借手機打電話給他的母親。于是,Erwin幫這位男孩撥通了電話然后把手機交給他。

This Robot Camcorder Tracks All Your Stunts

What if you had a personal cameraman perfectly tracking your perfect 900-degree spin as your dreams of become Tony Hawk came true? The Move 'N See Pixio wants to robotically assist you. Read more...

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